please note the change of address, cause I have moved
Barbara Hendricks International Club
Ronald Mehlis
5 Dickens Road, Ipswich
Suffolk, I
P2 0JR, England
Membership is 20 Euro outside Germany
(for postage and packing)
for two magazines a year.
Mitgliedsbeitrag für 2 Magazine beträgt
innerhalb Deutschland
15 Euro (für Versand) pro Jahr
The new magazine is in the making but there is not much material at the moment, as I can not travel for the time being.

Die exklusiven Fan-Magazine bieten Konzertberichte,
CD-Kritiken in Deutsch und Englisch sowie exklusive Tourneebilder.

The exclusive fan-magazines offer you concert-reviews,
cd-reviews in English and German as well as exclusive tour-pictures

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