Does any one have the LaserDisc or a good HiFI-stereo VHS
(mono-VHS with timecode is in our archives already) of:
Charles Gounod: Romeo et Juliette
Neil Shicoff, Alain Lombard, Franciskos Voutsinos, Yves Bisson, Gino Quilico, Robert Dume, Marie McLaughlin, Anna Ringart, Jean-Louis Soumagnos, Michel Philippe, Jean-Philippe Coutis)
ca. 2.25.00, Antenne 2, Grand Opéra Paris 1982. Contact: BHIC
BHIC is still looking for:
Abraham und Isaak (Oratorio by Josef Myslivecek)
with Ruthild Engert, Yolantha Omilian, Martin Egel, Werner Hollweg, Radio-Sinfonieorchester Stuttgart, Chor des Süddeutschen Rundfunks, cond. Peter Maag, Schwetzinger Festival 1979,
66.28051. LP or CD (Ferro-MC in archive) Contact: BHIC
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